House Rules

We are happy to welcome you as our guest! We have prepared this guide for you, so you can create your programme in the highest quality in Creative Space. We kindly ask you to follow these instructions.

Creative Space is a social enterprise and a community accommodation. Our aim is to develop creative thinking and activity among youngsters, young adults and organisations who supports them as well. We encourage them to become more independent and find their places in the world by improving their personal and professional skills and to be active co-creators of their own communities. We provide venue, logistics, internship, job opportunities and inspiring environment for activities of youth and civil groups, social projects, courses, families and friends.

We run a Youth Centre in Hollókő, which with all its capacity is suitable for all groups with different learning needs. The income from our activities is used for the maintenance of the house and as a financial support to realize our programs and work with the local youth, to create jobs and to develop the local community. The maintenance of the house is mostly done by our volunteers, we invest more than 1000 volunteer hours per year to keep the existing conditions and improve the building.

We ask you to take care of the house and its belongings during your stay, and please leave it in the same – or better – condition!

The house rules are inseparable part of the General Terms and Conditions.

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Most important information to know about Creative Space

Before arrival

  • Guest registration and diets filled in and sent
  • Special needs, arrival time and the time of the first meal is communicated
  • Bring your towel and changing shoes

During your stay

  • Do NOT use blue-tack, please use paper-tape instead to stick things to the walls
  • There is Free Wifi (CreativeSpace, CreativeSpace_5ghz, CreativeSpaceExtra)
  • Dog friendly accommodation in case the dog and the owner are both clean
  • Our caretaker: Béla Nagy +36204487616
  • Entering to the rooms labelled with “Staff” is forbidden
  • Smoking is only allowed in the designated area
  • Tap water is drinkable
  • Toilet papers goes to the toilet

Before departure

  • Guest registration is signed and given to any of our staff
  • Furniture (chairs, tables, beds), equipment and materials are put back to the place where you took it from
  • We ask you to bring the bed sheets to the cozy area in the middle floor (towels, pillow- and blanket case, bed linen)
  • Leave the room keys to the key hole
  • Windows are closed
  • Electric heaters are turned off

In order to obey both our laws and administrative responsibilities, we have to register all our guests, which we do by filling in and signing a registration form. The total of the bills, the amount of tourist tax and the statistical data required monthly by the HCSO are also calculated based on the guest registration forms.

The online guest registration form – which is sent to you via e-mail – has to be filled in! Please, make sure you have the names and data of all guests latest 1 week before your arrival, and please inform us when you’re ready by sending an e-mail to
Everybody will have to sign the printed version of the registration form latest before your departure, then please give the signed forms to any of our staff.

We know that the final guest list can be changed even during the event, therefore it is perfectly okay to give to our staff the final and signed guest registration list at the end of your stay. Please make sure that the offline and the online list is the same!

We provide meals for the groups three or five times (including snacks before lunch and in the afternoon) a day. The meals are rich and healthy, and we also provide coffee, tea and fruits all day long. We prepare food taking care of the special and health related requests and allergies as well.

In the guest registration list (on the second tab) we ask you to indicate the diet category of each participants. The categories are the following:

  • Meat eater / for the ones who eat everything
  • Meat eater – without pork / for the ones who doesn’t eat pork, but everything else
  • Meat eater – gluten-free / for the ones who gluten intolerant and eat meat
  • Vegetarian / it contains egg, mushroom and dairy products, it doesn’t contain fish and meat
  • Vegan – lactose-free / it doesn’t contain meat, fish, dairy products, egg, we suggest this diet for lactose-intolerant people
  • Vegan – lactose & gluten-free / for people who are lactose and gluten intolerant and don’t eat meat
We ask you to indicate in the guest registration list the health related needs and allergies connected to the diets of each participant!

We can easily adjust the amount of food and diets up to +/- 2-3 participants, but with bigger changes please contact us as soon as possible.

Procedure of the meals

There are 45 places in the two dining rooms all together inside the building, and there are 50 extra places in the tent in the garden. It’s not possible to eat outside in the tent during winter. Please, do not eat anywhere else (training room, bedrooms, etc.) in the house.

Please, coordinate the time of your meals with the chefs upon your arrival. The meals are served in the dining room on the ground floor. The chefs prepare the food on the serving table by the pre-agreed time, little green cards will say the different types of diets (vegetarian, vegan, etc.) and the amount you can take from the dishes (2 pieces, 6 balls, etc.). There’s no staff to serve you, it’s self-service.

We strive for sustainability in every way in our house, therefore we try to reduce the amount of wasted food. Please, support us in this by following these instructions: The food is prepared in a pre-agreed amount, exactly as many portions as needed for every guest. We kindly ask the leaders of the groups to inform their participants about the process of having a meal: only take from the food you previously asked for, so in case you ordered meals with meat, please do not take from the food marked as vegan (and vice versa). We also ask you to take only a portion you can eat for sure, rather have two times smaller portions than throw it away or risk that somebody doesn’t have enough.

If you need anything, just knock on the small window next to the tea-coffee corner, our chefs are happy to help.

Leftovers and washing the dishes

After finishing your meals, please put the leftovers to the bin with the sign ,,Maradék/Leftover” without any other garbage (yogurt cup, milk boxes, napkins, etc.). You should put the used plates and cutlery to the window above the bin. The chefs will wash them, then put it back to their place. However, washing the mugs is your responsibility. You can wash and dry them in the small dining room.

After dinner please bring back your plates and cutlery as soon as possible so the chefs can finish their work and go to rest on time.


Self-cooking, in other words, use of the kitchen is not allowed because of HACCP regulations.

We provide 4 small fridges & freezers, two microwave ovens for our guests, they are located in the dining room and the serving area. There is a possibility to cook outside in cauldrons back in the garden. For this we have 3 cauldrons (3, 7, and 9 L) with stands and skewers.


We hand over clean rooms with the bed sheets prepared. Cleaning the room during your stay is your responsibility. You can find cleaning supplies, garbage bags and toilet paper in the bathrooms opening from the dining room. Keeping the dining room in order and clean is also the duty of our guests. Please, put everything back in its place after finishing your meal.

It’s not necessary to clean the house before you leave, but we ask you to put the bed sheets, so bed linen, pillow- and blanket case, towels – but not the mattress cover with zipper – on the armchairs in the cozy area next to the training room.

TIPS! -> At courses and camps organized by us we make a cleaning schedule at the beginning of the program. On a given day the residents of a given room are responsible for the cleaning for a day. There’s a cleaning guide hung on the wall of each floor.

In case you can’t manage cleaning due to the type of your program (e.g. conference, company team building, etc.), please inform us in advance and we will find a solution!

Bed sheets

We will put the bed sheets on the beds. We ask you to put on all the bed sheets given by us when you arrive. If there are changes in the number of the guests or room settings when you arrive, please sort the sheets according to the number of people sleeping in the rooms. For environmental reasons there will be bed sheets prepared in the same amount as the guests are.

Please bring towels with you!

We collect selectively paper, plastic, metal, glass, batteries and food leftover.

Only throw CLEAN trash to the selective garbage bins.

This means you have to clean first the dirty garbage e.g. dirty yogurt cups, milk boxes, etc. otherwise you have to throw them to the mix bins.

Where do you have to throw the different type of selective trash?

  • Grey bins – mix trash: All dirty garbage, communal trash and mixed trash (e.g. if it contains paper and plastic at the same time)
    No clean selective garbage
  • Blue bins – paper trash: All kind of clean papers
    No tetra-pack, no milk boxes, no paper containing plastic, no oily, dirty paper
  • Yellow – plastic metal & tetra-pack: Clean plastic and metal garbage, also tetra-packs: milk and juice boxes with plastic cap. If it is dirty wash them before you throw.
    No styrofoam!
  • Glasses go for the separate and “Glass” labelled trash bin outside, behind the house
  • Food-left over: Only organic food waste. It is located in the dining area below the small window where you put the dirty dishes after meals.
    No napkins, no milk and juice boxes, no yogurt cups.
  • Batteries: Only batteries and accumulators. It is the green-yellow bin located in the cozy area.

When the inside trash bins are full, bring and put them in the container behind the house. There are containers for each type of selective garbage with Hungarian/English labels and they have the same colour codes.


We ask you to bring your own consumables with you!

We mean by consumables for example: white-colorful-flipchart paper, pens, pencils, crayons, markers, folders, glue, scissors, printer, and ink etc.


We provide by default

  • Tables, chairs, sitting pillows, beer benches and tables
  • Sound system in the training room (speakers and mixer) – bring a device where you will play the music from (laptop, phone, mp3 player, etc.
  • Flipchart and whiteboard stand (max. 2 pcs)
  • Outside blankets
  • International mini-library
  • Board games

We provide upon request

  • Media center (projector and hi-fi system), you can project on the white wall of the training room
  • Pinwand stand
  • Slackline (2 pcs)
  • Climbing ropes, protective equipment
  • Balls
  • Printer
You may use all equipment at your own risk. You will be responsible for any damages that may occur, the organizers will have to pay for the repair or replacement.

In the building green signs indicate the function of the given room, equipment, furniture or item. Please read and understand them, they will give clear guidance to you to use the house appropriate. It is forbidden to enter to rooms indicated with “Személyzet/Staff” sign. You may use without questions the fridges and other equipment indicated with “Vendég/Private” signs. We ask you to put everything back to its original place.

House (inside)

All the rooms are furnished appropriately for their purpose in the house. The dining room is furnished in a way that the given group can use it comfortably, the 55 m2 training room is provided completely empty. The spaces can be transformed, re-arranged according to your program’s needs. Upon pre-request, we furnish them according to your needs. You can choose from different covers for the training room’s floor: tile, carpet or ballet flooring. If you choose the carpet or ballet flooring you have to wear slippers/indoor shoes. You will have to pay the damages caused by not wearing them.

We kindly ask you to use ONLY paper-tape when sticking something on the wall. Please, do not use Blu-tack because it leaves marks. When you re-arrange furniture (moving of tables, chairs, etc.) either inside a room or between rooms, we ask you to put everything back to its original place before you leave!

Garden (outside)

You may use the garden during the whole program. Equipment and tools used in the yard should be put back in their original places, where the rain and other weather conditions won’t damage them. Please, do not litter in the garden and around the smoking area (especially cigarette butts), and if you brought a dog, please clean up after it and threw it to the outdoor container.


Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking area, located on the left side of the house next to the stairs. Here you will find ashtray and a bigger trash bin as well where you can empty the ashtray. Smoking in the house is strictly forbidden! If you smoke outside of the smoking area and get a fine, you will have to pay for it.

In case of fire

In case of fire – when there is no threat to life – use the available, annually supervised fire extinguisher and send the rest of the group to the main gates outside. Call the caretaker immediately.

Before leaving the house please pay careful attention to the following tasks to do:

  • We would like to receive the house in the same conditions (or better) how we gave it to you. Re-arranged tables, chairs, beds, equipment, items, stones from the garden have to be put back to their original places
  • Close all the windows
  • Switch off all the electric heaters
  • Give to any of the staff the guest registration form signed by all the guests
  • Noticed malfunctions should be communicated to the caretaker
  • Caused damage must be reported to describing what happened
  • Ask the guests to bring their bed sheets to the cozy area (pillow- and blanket case, bed linen, towels)
  • Do not leave any of your personal belongings in the house, if it happens write us an e-mail, if we find it we will send it back to you
  • Do not bring home our room keys, items, equipment, furniture, valuables, etc. If it happened please write us an e-mail and we arrange how you can send it back to us