About Us

Our aim is to contribute to the personal and professional development of the people taking part in activities in Creative Space.  We support them to find their places in the world and in their lives become active, creative and responsible citizens.

Social enterprise
We provide location, logistics and an inspiring environment for activities which create values of Youth and informal groups, social projects, courses, families and friends. We run a Youth Centre in Hollókő which is suitable with all its capacity for all groups with various learning needs. Income from our rental services supports the maintenance of the house, the programs and our objectives to work with the local youth, to create jobs and to develop the local community. The maintenance of the house is mostly done voluntarily, in a year we invest more than 1000 volunteer hours to keep the condition and innovate the building. We create job opportunities for local disadvantaged youngsters and young adults by running Creative Space.

Most common programs in the house

  • trainings
  • youth exchanges
  • thematic camps: media, sport, dance, handcraft, environmental
  • team buildings for companies and NGOs
  • yoga retreats
  • project meetings, conferences, workshops
  • voluntary programs, camps
  • youth initiatives
  • field trips, school excursions
  • reunions
  • family and friends celebrations
  • art workshops

Local youth work and community development
Young professionals, trainers and co-workers of Creative Space are committed to use grassroots methods in their work in Szécsényi kistérség youth and community centers, after school clubs and educational institutiones. Our goal is to enable local youth to put their ideas into action, organize themselves, experience the power of volunteering to build their own communities and the society. We are working for youth so they become consciouss, able to make decisions, act based on it and take responsibility for that. Local and international volunteers, roma and non-roma youngsters, youth and adults are working together to build a more liveable community which inspires youth entrepreneurship and creates jobs so young people stay in the area and able to live quality life.

Creators of Creative Space is a community of young people and young professionals committed to work with youth on high quality. In 2010 with the help of 100 volunteers by our own power we redesigned Creative Space in order to start working towards the above mentioned goals. In 2011 we continued with 50 young volunteers to further innovate the use and functions of the house based on the first ye. From 2012 with the support of the European Union Youth in Action programme 5 international volunteers joined as co-creators to our local outreach youth work. In 2013 and 2014 we hosted 6 events for international youth workers in the themes of competency- and creativity development, dance, youth work, volunteer management and communication. From 2015 we seek to host more and more NGOs and groups to support them in their own cause and mission contributing in this way a much wider community and society development purpose. In order to maximize our impact in the grass-root youth work and community development activities we are collaborating with Egyesek Youth Association.

By organizing YOUR OWN event in Creative Space you will be also a co-creator and supporter of youth communities!