We are happy to cook healthy, rich and diverse food for you! Our professional chefs will cook traditional and international food. Meals are provided three or even five times a day.

Before arrival guests are asked to select their diets. They will be served according to their choice during their stay. There are six diets they can choose from:

  • Meat eater / for the ones who eat everything
  • Meat eater – without pork / for the ones who doesn’t eat pork, but everything else
  • Meat eater – gluten-free / for the ones who gluten intolerant and eat meat
  • Vegetarian / it contains egg, mushroom and dairy products, it doesn’t contain fish and meat
  • Vegan – lactose-free / it doesn’t contain meat, fish, dairy products, egg, we suggest this diet for lactose-intolerant people
  • Vegan – lactose & gluten-free / for people who are lactose and gluten intolerant and don’t eat meat
Different kind of allergies will be taken care of by the chefs if it was communicated upfront!

For training groups or groups with similar programme we provide tea, coffee, fruits all day long. It is included in the price.

It is possible to have only breakfast, lunch or dinner if needed. For this please ask for an offer.

It is not possible for any groups to use our kitchen or cook for themselves, because of HACCP regulations.

The garden fireplace can be used free of charge. Upon request we can provide 3 cauldrons (3-7-9 liter), stands, spits, gas-stove and wood.