We provide location, logistics and an inspiring environment for activities which create values of Youth and informal groups, social projects, courses, families and friends. We run a Youth Centre in Hollókő which is suitable with all its capacity for all groups with various learning needs.

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In the building 45 people can be accommodated. Each room has separate shower and toilet. The 55 square meter big room can give space for programmes where all the guests can attend at the same time. Separate small areas in the house are available for small group-sessions. We offer exclusivity, so your event can be organized in complete independence. More


Professional local chefs are cooking healthy, delicious, local and international meals. There are six types of diets what our guests can choose from and the chefs will also take care of special needs and allergies. Coffee, tea and fruits are available all day long. More

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What we can offer you

Home for your programme

You have the freedom to transfrom the rooms for the needs of your programme. It is up to your creativity what you want to create. No matter if you organize youth exchanges, trainings, camps, team building for company or a yoga retreat you will find a home in Creative Space.

Team building activities for NGOs and Companies

We offer high quality educational programmes for you. We deliver communication, personal-professional-organisational development trainings. Our experienced trainers are ready to consult and tailor-make the action-based and interactive educational programme for the exact needs of your group.

Social Enterprise

Income from our services supports the maintenance of the house, the programs and our objectives to work with the local youth, to create jobs and to develop the local community. We create job opportunities for local disadvantaged youngsters and young adults by running Creative Space.
What they say about us

“Logistics were excellent, I was especially impressed by how smoothly the program flew. The nutritional value of lunch and dinner were very well chosen.”

„village of young people
seducing the light

shall i discover my otherhood
through your eyes
shall i feel my warmth
in your hand

shall i enter the door
shall we live together
and make this floor a village
this village a door
this door a teardrop
this teardrop a smile”

“In the accommodation it has been great to have the cozy area as I place to be during the free time and breaks, the venue is connected to nature and regarding the food I liked the small changes in the kitchen to get some vegan alternatives.”

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